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Author biography

Philip Sington was born in Cambridge, England. His father was an industrial chemist, and his mother an officer in British Intelligence. After graduating in history from Trinity College, Cambridge, he worked as a business journalist and magazine editor for nine years, specialising in coverage of Spain and the Spanish-speaking world.

Teaming up with mystery writer Gary Humphreys, he co-authored six novels under the joint pseudonym of Patrick Lynch. Focusing on developments in the fields of medicine and biotechnology, these prescient and intricately-researched novels sold well over a million copies worldwide. The third, Carriers, was adapted for the screen in 1998 and broadcast coast-to-coast by CBS, as well as internationally.

Other titles were developed for the screen by BBC Drama (The Annunciation) and Universal Studios (Omega). He also co-wrote the stage play Lip Service, which premiered at the Finborough Theatre, London in 2000 and was awarded 4 stars by The Scotsman at the 2001 Edinburgh Festival.

His first solo novel, Zoia's Gold, was published by Atlantic Books (UK) in 2005 and by Scribner (US) in 2006. His next novel, The Einstein Girl, was  published by Harvill Secker in August 2009. His latest novel, The Valley of Unknowing, was published in April 2012. To date his work has been translated into a total of twenty-one foreign languages.

He lives in London with his German wife, Uta and their two children, Leo and Katja.

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